How can employers tap into the passive job market?  

Did you know❓73% of potential candidates are passive job seekers who are currently employed and are open to hearing about new job opportunities. 

Who are passive job seekers? 

Passive job seekers are individuals who are currently employed and not actively seeking new job opportunities. They are often highly skilled and experienced and may be an excellent fit for your organisation. However, they are less likely to respond to job postings or actively seek out new positions. This is where RMS come in – your valuable resource to tap into the passive job market.  

We save organisations valuable time by handling time-consuming tasks like candidate sourcing, initial interviews, and reference checks, and we offer valuable industry insights, knowledge of market trends, and expertise in navigating the complexities of hiring. This advice and guidance assist both job seekers and employers in making informed decisions.  

Our recruiters actively source and attract potential candidates through various means, such as job postings, online platforms, social networks, and their own extensive networks. We employ rigorous screening and evaluation processes to assess qualifications, skills, experience, and compatibility with the client’s culture and job requirements. 

“We act as matchmakers” says Recruitment Consultant Robert Colgrave, “connecting suitable candidates with job openings, and consider factors loke a candidate’s preferences, career goals, and the employer’s requirements, aiming to create the best fit.” 

In summary, RMS can help employers tap into the passive job market by providing access to a diverse talent pool, saving time and resources, and offering valuable expertise and guidance throughout the hiring process.