RMS understand that each business is unique, and therefore so are their payroll requirements. We also understand that money is a critical motivator and accuracy of wages underpin the relationship between employers and employees. So, our aim from the outset was to provide a cost effective payroll solution, by simplifying the process of accurately paying employees.

We tailor all our payroll services to our clients’ requirements. By understanding the needs of their business we are able to provide a flexible, efficient and cost effective payroll solution which lets clients focus on what they do best.

We employ a number of trained professionals who work within our specialist payroll division and consider our method of inputting payroll information to be unique, as at all times two people independently process each payroll. The information is cross checked at multiple points for any data discrepancies, so they can be corrected before the payroll is processed.

We have the capability and capacity to reconcile and process payrolls for companies ranging in size from 1 to 900+ employees. Our payroll facility is constantly updated and in line with current legislation and compliance and all payrolls that are undertaken by RMS are controlled and processed in house, we do not outsource to payroll bureaus or use umbrella companies.