The most common cause of stress is work-related stress. What can employers do?

The most common cause of stress is work-related stress, according to research published ahead of National Stress Awareness Day. 

Many people cited workload as the cause, and under-35s reported being the most burnout.

Sadly, nearly four out of 10 of those experiencing burnout did not believe their employer cared about their wellbeing.  

So what can employers do to support employees experiencing high levels of stress? Burnout employees felt the most important factors to perform at their best were: 

  • Flexible working policies (44%) 
  • Feeling trusted by managers/superiors (40%) 
  • Regular praise and recognition (31%) 
  • Clearly defined responsibilities (28%) 
  • And a positive and inclusive company culture (26%). 

Studies also found higher rates of burnout among employees in management positions. How can your business support managers? 

  • Try to identify the early signs of burnout in the first instance.
  • Address burnout among managers by providing forums for managers to talk openly about burnout.  
  • Work to incorporate more structured training and open discussion sessions. Managers should be educated on the three types of burnout that make up the clinical definition: feeling over-extended, disengaged or ineffective.

National Stress Awareness Day takes place today, on Thursday 2 November, making the findings all the more timely.