The benefits of recruitment outsourcing in the energy industry  

When we consider the scale of action necessary to address climate change, it’s clear that we need all hands on deck. But what does that really look like? The often under-appreciated key component is workforce. If we want more wind farms, we need someone to install them. If we want electric plug-in vehicles to be widespread, we need someone to build their batteries and someone to upgrade the electric grid to handle all those charging cars. We need advocates to open up funding and administrators to run energy efficiency programs. We need to pull labour from every discipline, with a special focus on the trades and manufacturing. What this all means is lots of new jobs — hundreds in the clean energy sector — just missing the people to fill them. 

Outsourcing recruitment to RMS is a worthwhile option for employers without the necessary resources or expertise to find the best talent. RMS pick up the heavy lifting of selecting and onboarding candidates who slot seamlessly into the business from day one. As energy companies reshuffle their staff ahead of the energy transition the task of finding the right fit becomes even more challenging.  

Here are reasons why RMS is best placed to lead the hiring process for employers in the energy sector given the industry’s unique demands: 

Broad talent pool 

Casting a wide net inevitably yields better results when recruiting for roles in the renewable energy sector so access to potential candidates is crucial. Working with RMS allows employers to target passive job candidates. Passive candidates – workers who aren’t actively job searching – make up around 70% of the workforce and are often the most talented.  

Improved quality of hire 

By outsourcing recruitment, the task of talent acquisition is handed to highly trained industry professionals who know exactly what to look for in terms of technical and cultural fit and identify the best talent out there.  

Highly specialised recruitment 

In specialised markets, recruiters have industry-specific knowledge and understand the intricacies and precise demands of the positions for which they are hiring. In turn, we can source candidates with the specific skills and experience needed. 

Time and cost savings 

With the help of RMS, employers can save time and resources by handling the end-to-end hiring process. A streamlined recruitment process improves time-to-hire and ultimately saves money. Recruiters undertake all talent sourcing, presenting only the best candidates to hiring managers for consideration.  

Compliance and regulation 

RMS works with partners beyond the point of employment to ensure compliance is met and new hires are ready to carry out their duties. Workforce management solutions by RMS can include onboarding, payroll, HR and HSE to help new hires hit the ground running. 


In an industry with fluctuating project demands, recruitment outsourcing can quickly scale up or down to meet staffing needs. At RMS, we provide permanent and temporary hire services to all of our clients. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

RMS can assist energy companies in diversifying their workforce, ensuring equal opportunities for underrepresented groups, and complying with diversity and inclusion objectives.  

Effective recruitment is the foundation of any successful business, but in the energy sector, where employers manage a mix of permanent staff and temporary contractors, the challenge of recruitment becomes even more complex. Overall, recruitment outsourcing in the energy sector streamlines the hiring process, ensures the acquisition of the right talent, and helps energy companies remain competitive and compliant in a dynamic industry.