What is the best colour to wear at a job interview?

First impressions count, but can colour affect the interviewer’s perceptions and help you get a job?  

Apparently so… A recent survey by Resume.io of over 2,500 employees asked what colour they wore in interviews when they got offered a position, to find out what colours are more likely to get you a job.  

The results: Blue (81%), Purple (72%), Black (69%), Green (56%), Red (48%), Yellow (32%), White (30%), Orange (28%), Grey (13%), Brown (3%).

So, a hot top: Blue is the choice most likely to get you hired! 

Why? Blue exudes calm confidence, honesty and authority, and people associate the colour with someone who’s a team player. Purple, a close runner up, is the colour of authenticity, status and non-conformity. Black is an intense color, portraying leadership qualities, elegance and seriousness. There you have it!