It’s HR Fact Friday!

It’s HR Fact Friday! Listen up 📢 

Highly engaged teams see:

📌 A 41% absence reduction

📌 17% increase in productivity 

📌 Achieve a 10% increase in customer ratings 

📌 A 20% increase in sales 

📌And achieve 21% greater profitability overall  

So, how do you create a highly engaged team? Check out Laura‘s top tips:

1. Open communication channels: Encourage open dialogue to foster trust and collaboration. 

2. Celebrate wins, big or small: Promote a culture of recognition and positivity. 

3. Empower your team: Trust team members with responsibilities and decision-making.

4. Regular team check-ins: Hold brief, regular check-ins to assess progress, address concerns, and ensure everyone’s on the same page. 

5. Invest in growth opportunities: Offer training, workshops, and mentorship to help team members achieve their career goals. 

6. Create a fun work environment: Infuse humour, team activities, and casual gatherings to keep the atmosphere light and enjoyable. 

7. Offer flexible work arrangements: Accommodate individual needs and preferences. 

8. Lead by example: Demonstrate enthusiasm, dedication, and a positive attitude to inspire team members to do the same. 

Remember, an engaged team is a powerful, united force ready to conquer challenges and achieve great things! 🌟 #SuccessTogether 🚀