Letter of appreciation

Coast to Coast

Carole, Andrew and some of their colleagues from RMS, as well as Russel Gallacher from CAT UK Services, took part in the 190 mile walk between 6th – 11th August, to raise money for the charity which receives no Government funding.

Funds raised so far

At the time of writing, the total combined amount raised for the charity is £14,974.  Well done to the team, and thank you to everyone who got involved and donated.  And remember, it’s not too late to donate! You can still visit our Just Giving page to donate now.

The letter below was received from PTSD Resolution thanking us for the donation and tells of how it is put to use supporting veterans and their families.

About PTSD Resolution

PTSD Resolution are a UK based charity who help veterans suffering with PTSD and combat related stress reintegrate into normal work and family life. PTSD Resolution do not receive Government funding and rely on donations to be able to provide help to those that need it. The cost of one treatment programme with the charity costs an average of £600, here are some stories direct from people who have benefited from the charity.