Employee Issues that Severely Impact Productivity

No matter how talented or professional your workforce is, human nature and emotions will come into play from time to time. Employee issues such as divorce and financial difficulty can have a severe impact on their ability to work efficiently and productively.


In an era where the business world is more competitive than ever thanks to the evolution of modern technology and the rise of small businesses, the need for efficiency and productivity amongst employees is crucial. It’s important to remember that employees, first and foremost, are people. If they’re having problems in or outside of the office, it’s only natural that it will affect their ability to work effectively.



In this post, we’ll highlight some of the most common and troublesome issues that affect employees and what can be done to assist them.


Employee Disputes


Every workplace is full of different personalities, opinions and alternative views on how projects or duties should be carried out. While this is definitely a benefit for employers, as it allows you to get a variety of creative opinions and create a more elite workforce, the problem is that employees can often clash. This can lead to an unhealthy work environment.


Although every employee is entitled to their opinion, if it’s not work-related or in some way assisting the task at hand, then it doesn’t belong in the workplace. Any disputes need to be sorted out quickly and efficiently to avoid further unrest and distractions. This will also make sure that employee relationships don’t become tarnished by bickering and ensure that the work environment stays healthy and proactive.


Financial Problems


When it comes to the various causes of stress, problems with money are definitely at the top of the list. Along with the abundance of marriages, relationships and personal lives that are ruined, financial issues also have a severe impact on people’s careers due to an overwhelming sense of pressure. This isn’t to say that you should bail out an employee who is experiencing financial problems, but it is something that needs to be addressed.


If the person in question is struggling at work because they’re concerned about their financial stability, you need to step in and demonstrate your concern. Offering advice or putting them in touch with a financial expert will not only help them with their current problems, but it will also improve the way they handle money in the future.


It’s important to recognise when an employee is underperforming for a reason and not because of laziness or negligence. Firing someone in this position will only make their situation worse, as they will no longer have an income to keep them afloat.


Workplace Pressure


As you progress further in your career and begin to move up the ladder, it’s only natural that the amount of responsibility and pressure increases. Although some people respond positively to added pressure and it actually improves their quality of work, others are the complete opposite, with it seriously affecting their efficiency and confidence.


This doesn’t mean certain employees should be held back because they don’t react well to pressure. It’s just a case of putting additional preparation in place and taking some time to run through what is expected of them. No two people are the same. Therefore, it means that they react differently to pressure, which means as a leader you need to be open-minded, providing alternative methods of leadership.


Relationships and Divorce


No matter how professionally you carry yourself and don’t let the line blur between your professional and personal lives, there’s nothing that can prepare you for the emotional strain of a divorce. Many would consider the end of their marriage to be one of the most traumatic experiences of their life. Without question, it will impact an employee’s career.


With so much to consider, such as finding a top divorce lawyer, adjusting to a new living arrangement and the concern of the financial impact it will have, it’s only natural to become distracted. As such, your career takes a back seat until the divorce proceedings are over.


This is an extremely sensitive situation, and as someone on the outside, you should tread carefully. It’s important not to assume that you know best, and do your utmost to suit the needs of the employee. If they’re comfortable speaking to your HR department to aid them in this time of need, that’s great. But if not, you should respect their wishes and keep your distance.


It’s also vital to remember that they will have a lot going on and will probably be finding it difficult to juggle work, meetings with a divorce solicitor and adjusting to change. If it’s severely impacting their efficiency at work, then your best move would be to give them the necessary time off to sort out their affairs and relax during this tough time.


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