Almost 1 In 4 Brits Own A Pair Of Lucky Pants

Almost of quarter of superstitious Brits own a pair of lucky pants, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 UK adults by online games destination, Wink Slots revealed that 26% of Brits own a good luck charm that they wear for prosperity.

Pants proved to be the most common wearable good luck charm, as a staggering 24% claim to own a pair, while a further 17% own a lucky piece of jewellery.



1 in 10 (11%) own a lucky pair of socks, 8% have a pair of lucky shoes., and 5% claim to own a shirt which brings them good luck.
Among the most common situations that people adorn these items are; an exam (81%), a first date (72%), a job interview (34%) and a sporting event (66%).


Of those surveyed, 74% said they would never get rid of their good-luck piece, and 1 in 5 (19%) wouldn’t wash their lucky garment.
59% said that wearing their lucky item made them feel more confident in nerve-wracking situations.


A Wink Slots spokesperson commented;



“For many, these lucky garments carry lots of history and fond memories, hence why their owners feel that they bring prosperity. Possessing a lucky charm can bring its owner luck by boosting confidence and lifting spirits, resulting in better decision making.


“First dates, exams and job interviews are undoubtedly nerve-wracking situations and even the most confident people get nervous every now and then. So, if pulling on a pair of lucky pants makes them feel on top of their game then it can only be a good thing.”



Sheffield residents were the most likely to have a lucky item of clothing, with 34% owning a good luck charm, compared to just 6% of those in Wolverhampton.


65% of millennials (18- 30) admitted to owning a lucky pair of pants.


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