Working In A Winter Wonderland

British workers are embracing the festive season and all that comes with it, according to new research. 


A survey of 1,003 UK workers carried out by interiors etailer, revealed that two thirds (67%) of British workers will decorate their office or place of work this Christmas.


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A Christmas tree topped the poll as the festive decoration British businesses are most likely to display (47%), followed by fairy lights (37%), and tinsel on desks (27%).


The research quizzed Brits about the Christmas celebrations they will enjoy partaking in this Christmas, and found 58% will attend a work Christmas party or festive lunch with colleagues, while more than a third (35%) will listen to Christmas music in the office. 


More than a quarter (26%) will wear a Christmas jumper to work.


And, those who do embrace Christmas fun have started their celebrations early this year.


The research found that 22% of the UK workforce are already listening to Christmas music in the office, and 9% began playing Christmas music in October.


The data revealed that workplaces are more likely to embrace the festivities the further north you go; Scottish employees are most likely to embrace Christmas at work, while workers in Londoners are the least likely.


Mark Kelly, marketing manager at said:


“It’s fantastic to see the number of businesses that are embracing the festive season with music, parties and Christmas jumpers.


“It’s understandable that in some places of work, decorating the office or wearing a Christmas jumper isn’t an option, but there are a number of ways to bring the festivities to the workplace which everyone can get involved in.


“Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and has the ability to boost morale, so it’s good for companies to spread some cheer in the place where the majority of Britons spend most of their time.”


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