The growth of the office shower and the significance of office showers to the millennial worker


Newly-generated data from Orbital Systems has revealed that 21% of job-seeking millennials consider the presence of shower facilities to be a factor in their decision to take a job with a particular company.


The statistical results from a survey conducted in September 2017 of over 2,000 18-to-24-year-olds also showed that for 10% of millennials, shower facilities will ‘definitely’ influence their decision to accept a job.





This illustrates the striking proportion of young workers who put significant value in shower facilities when it comes to picking an employer.



Mehrdad Mahdjoubi, CEO and Founder of Orbital Systems said;


“The modern workforce wants a level of flexibility from their office space, and the freedom to fit their career around their passions and aspirations – not the other way around. Quality shower facilities can encourage a cyclist to pedal into work in the morning, or joggers to leave their desk at lunchtimes and take a run.



A company benefits hugely from an active and healthy workforce who feel their employer caters for their health and happiness, as well as their professional progression. Developing this ‘future lifestyle’ is a key core value of Orbital Systems, where we implement our expertise in hygiene and our NASA-certified technology to further this ideal.”



Mark Hilton, Resource Efficiency Lead at environmental consultancy Eunomia Research & Consulting Ltd said; 


“Recent graduates are often aware of the challenges associated with climate change, and committed to making sustainable choices. On that basis young professionals are more inclined to look for companies who have environmental credibility and an ethical stance towards operating sustainably. As well as providing the right facilities, businesses can put forward policies that support sustainable transport choices.”



The rise of shower facilities in British offices


Data in collaboration with office rental platform Hubble has revealed that twice the number of companies on its platform now have shower facilities (compared to equivalent data from 2016). This increase demonstrates the dramatic rise in companies equipping their offices to meet workforce demands.



Hubble data has also demonstrated the growing priority for employers to be able to offer their workforce shower facilities; searches by companies looking for office spaces including shower facilities have tripled in the last year.



Between September 2016 and September 2017, 21% of searches for offices on the platform included requirements of showers facilities. In the same time period in the year previous (September 2015 to September 2016), only 7% of all searches had shower facility requirements.


Tushar Agarwal, CEO of Hubble, expands on this:


“We’ve seen some fantastic new trends in the flexible office sector in London this year, with the launch of family-friendly spaces, like Second Home London Fields, with its own in-house creche, boutique hotel-style co-working clubs like Fora, and hyper-local community projects like Peckham Levels.


But for companies and co-working spaces looking to win their way to their workers’ hearts, it’s clear that having showers at work is key.

With its current soaring trajectory, showers will be even more popular than things we generally see as workplace essentials like meeting rooms by 2018. With the increase in popularity of cycling and lunchtime running, it is important to properly cater for these changing trends. Ultimately it makes a statement about your culture and who you are as a company.”

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