Making necessary preparations for new employees this New Year

Guest Blog from Ben Edwards – a qualified life coach and motivational speaker.


Every business fundamentally relies on the performance and dedication of its employees; therefore, hiring the best candidates presumably continues to be an ongoing priority for those employers who persistently strive for excellence.



However, research from Webonboarding reveals that a surprisingly high number of prosperous businesses are failing to on-board new employees effectively; as four in every ten office workers surveyed across the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand admitted to having a serious problem after starting their new position – causing many to depart their role prematurely. This highlights the crisis plaguing HR departments following an initially successful recruitment process; as steps to protect positive financial projections and consistently impressive levels of employee retention must seemingly continue post-hire.




Among those difficulties reported by new employees, were several mistakes which may be easily-fixed; including basic equipment, such as a computer or laptop, not being provided on their first day (42%), or a lack of full training (37%). Similarly, a vast number of employees attribute difficulty adjusting to the company’s culture and employment pool as contributory components to their diminishing job performance and commitment.



As a result, 15% of these individuals left their position, whilst 79% stated that although they stayed, they would have settled into their role much quicker had there been a better process in place. It is therefore important for employers to engage with new staff; for there is little use in attracting the best candidates if they are not sufficiently welcomed and cared for as they begin to fulfil their new role.



To better prepare employers for the onboarding process and subsequently heighten employee satisfaction, Ben Edwards – a qualified life coach and motivational speaker – outlines a series of easily-implemented recommendations.



1. Determine space & equipment needs:

Identify the location within which the employee will work; doing so will pre-empt the individual feeling valued and cared for, rather than simply being shoved in a corner or juggled about the office for weeks on-end. Similarly, ensure necessary equipment is promptly provided, including a computer and telephone; this will allow the employee to more rapidly feel comfortable flourishing within their role.



2. Ensure the employee is fully informed:

Upon their start, assure all necessary training has been completed. Similarly, provide all relevant information with regards to what is expected from the employee; the more they know what to anticipate, the less a new employee will feel daunted or misled. This includes giving a full tour, informing them on your current policies and ensuring they are aware of protocols in the case of absence.


If your business maintains a particular work style or culture, it may also prove valuable to position this to the new joiner early on. Factors obvious to existing staff may not have become apparent during the recruitment process, such as the dress code or parking, or more social aspects such as an informal coffee rota. These elements, if considered, can contribute significantly to a new employee quickly feeling at ease, and will quickly reap rewards with regards to their performance.



3. Assign a mentor:

On your employee’s first day, assigning a “buddy” in the form of an experienced employee who can act as a guide and confidant, will surely make them feel more comfortable. This will simultaneously provide a route by which a new employee can ask questions and seek advice; making them in turn feel less isolated and more supported.


Whilst these steps are simple, additional methods which extend beyond an employer’s domain have proven to be invaluable in retaining employees and boosting morale. Among these lies the hiring of a motivational speaker, many corporations are hesitant to make this gesture; however, the benefits of an experienced speaker are limitless. A motivational speaker for example provides a fresh, inspiring perspective for older employees who may be more hesitant to change, whilst reigniting the determination and motivation of all staff members. This includes new additions wishing to rapidly progress and impress.


Should you require assistance with motivating and supporting your staff, visit Ben Edwards’ website: With extensive corporate experience, he is well-equipped to improve the current productivity of those employed within your corporation.

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