Campaign In Aid Of Age UK Attracts Interest From More Than 100 UK & International Barbers

A festive campaign launched last week by fragrance brand TABAC in aid of Age UK has seen more than 100 barbers show interest in opening up their doors to local older gentlemen for a day of complimentary treatments on December 7th in bid to combat festive loneliness.


Since its official launch last Monday (November 20th), the #ShaveTheDay campaign has attracted interest from barbers as far and wide as Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, Italy and Portugal looking to give something back to older customers and residents in their local community. All those taking part, both in the UK and abroad, are going to be inviting older gentlemen who find the festive season an isolating period to their barbershops on December 7th for some much-needed conversation and complimentary treatments.




One barber taking part in #ShaveTheDay is Luke Dolan, owner of Luke’s Barbershop in Ruislip and a TABAC UK ambassador. Luke will be inviting members of The Geezers, a group supported by Age UK, that meet weekly in the Bow area of London and provide social activities for men aged 50 and over to his shop on December 7th.

Speaking about #ShaveTheDay, Luke said:


“The reaction to #ShaveTheDay has been amazing so far, with support from all over the world. Individuals feeling isolation during the Christmas period is not just an issue in this country, and it’s great that this campaign gives us a chance to bring back core social values to our local communities. I’ve met some incredible people and heard so many heart-warming stories so far, and it really makes me smile to think that the year that Apple launch the IPhone X, that a campaign that involves our elderly and people simply talking to each other can capture the nations hearts.


“I started some barber nominations off with my industry peers Alan Beak, Tariq Howes, Danny Robinson and Ben Goodman. Tariq stepped up first and then Alan also joined the campaign effort on Monday evening. We’ve now seen an influx of new Barbers wanting to get involved which has sparked more nominations in different parts of the country. It’s just incredible how close my industry has become and how we can all work together on a campaign like this for the greater good!”


Ruth Morgan-Evans, Marketing Manager of TABAC Fragrances UK, said:


“Here at TABAC UK, we are all immensely proud to be the driving force behind #ShaveTheDay, and the reaction we’ve seen from people so far, not just barbers but also members of the public and celebrities keen to involve themselves in the cause has been genuinely heart-warming.


“Come December 7th, whether we have 100 or 10,000 barbers taking part, we are confident that this campaign will continue a conversation amongst the industry and wider communities in helping to bring together segmented generations.”


The launch video, filmed at Luke’s Barbershop featuring The Geezers, as well as some accompanying images for #ShaveTheDay can be found here: #ShaveTheDay – UK campaign launch
Barbershops interested in taking part in #ShaveTheDay can visit to register their interest and download a poster designed to help raise awareness of the cause amongst the local community.

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