Location, location, location: Do the same job and get paid up to 140% more depending on where you live

· New research from job site reveals how salaries for exactly the same job vary based on location
· Primary school teachers can earn up to 18% more in London vs. 20% less in Liverpool



Depending on where you live could see you earn up to 140% more than the national average salary for exactly the same job, new research reveals.

Bus drivers, for example, can earn up to £34,244 by working in Birmingham – 44% above average, compared to a low of £15,113 for bus driver jobs in Sheffield – 36% below average.


Analysis of 167,000 jobs available on leading job board, CV-Library, has discovered substantial differences in salaries for doing the same work, extending beyond the presumed North-South divide.

Focusing on 24 locations from across the UK and Republic of Ireland, the research suggests that someone looking for jobs in Dublin could surprisingly earn more money working in telesales than they could as a quality engineer.

A summary of key job titles featured in the research, with average national salaries and the highest paying city is below:


Customer Service Advisor £19,791 Dublin (140% above avg.)
Quality Engineer £35,885 Bristol (77% above avg.)
Quantity Surveyor £36,928 London (46% above avg.)
Bus Driver £23,769 Birmingham (44% above avg.)
Marketing Executive £22,917 Leeds (30% above avg.)
Telesales £19,157 Belfast (30% above avg.)
Bookkeeper £22,273 Belfast (28% above avg.)
Bricklayer £29,441 Liverpool (26% above avg.)
Primary School Teacher £26,379 London (18% above avg.)
Staff Nurse £29,654 Belfast (10% above avg.)


While research was conducted to mitigate differences in salary based on experience, it is interesting to look at jobs such as primary school teachers or HGV drivers to determine their location variance. For a primary school teacher, jobs in Liverpool offer up to 20% less salary than the national average of £26,379. Yet move down to the capital and you could potentially secure a teacher’s salary 18% above the average.


Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of CV-Library comments:


“While it’s not groundbreaking to suggest that those living in London get paid higher wages on average, it is surprising to see how much people’s salaries can vary for doing the same job depending on where they live.

“It is reassuring to see jobs which are critical to the welfare of people, such as staff nurses and support workers, showing small levels of variance around the country with under £10k difference between low and high salaries. In comparison, competitive industries such as dentistry or web development are seeing a salary difference of over £50k depending on location.”


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