‘How can HR directors help create a cyber-aware environment?’

Guest Blog by Isaac Daniel, CEO and founder of Macate


2017 has seen a number of high profile institutes become victims of cyberattacks, with 40 percent of businesses having experienced an attack in the last 12 months. As more and more business become conscious of the threat of cyberattacks, companies are revising their policies, with many turning to their IT department for answers.




Yet, IT directors aren’t the only source of protection when it comes to cyberattacks. HR personnel can play an equally important role in preparing the company for the situation. One of the biggest causes of data loss is human error, with 95 percent of successful security attacks resulting from this. So, how can HR teams work with their IT department to ensure that the company and employees are properly educated on cybersecurity?


A great way of ensuring that people are not accidently leaking company information is by rolling out companywide policies on device usage in the office. Whether you have decided to allow employees to use their own devices, or have chosen to provide them with company phones, you can encourage them to install preapproved apps to discuss work matters on. There are secure messenger platforms, such as Whatsapp and Netme, which provide a secure and encrypted on your phone for communications. Apps, such as Cypeers, can also add another level of encryption to email provides, ensuring that all conversations remain private.


If you feel these platforms aren’t providing enough of a buffer, you can also introduce a companywide device, such as the Genio phone, which comes preloaded with encrypted software and can adapt the advanced encryption standards based on the phones location.


One of the biggest challenges faced by IT departments and HR directors is explaining the seriousness of cyberattacks and the implications it can have for a company. One way around this is by hosting regular seminars on the subject, outlining the biggest threats posed to the company. Some of the most common forms of data breeches occur when someone sends data to the wrong person or attaches the wrong attachment, so by highlighting these simple mistakes, you can show employees how they can make small changes to their best practice.


While encouraging seminars are a good place to start, it can be difficult ensuring that your staff have completely absorbed the teachings. A way to double check this is by hosting spot tests within the office in which employees are asked to show the correct protocol for data sharing. A second, compulsory seminar can then be held for those who have failed the spot test, ensuring the information is reinforced.
Educating staff on cybersecurity is a process and something which cannot be achieved overnight. Perseverance and a big information push can ensure that every member of the business understands the role they play in keeping the company protected from cyberattacks.


About the Author:
Isaac Daniel- Founder and CEO of Macate Group Limited and IDG.

As chief inventor-designer and visionary force, Isaac Daniel leads a group of companies that integrate innovation, corporate responsibility and community consciousness. The original inventor of GPS-embedded shoes, his geo-positioning products can be used to connect people anywhere worldwide and have been integrated for use for other industry-specific applications. His passion for technology and innovation has led to hundreds of patents in the United states alongside Isaac being named the South Florida Innovators Award in 2007.

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