Exclusive partnership sees Re:markable offer Intent Based Leadership to UK companies

Re:markable (formerly Investors in People Scotland) today announces a new exclusive partnership to roll out Intent-Based Leadership (IBL) across the UK and Ireland. IBL is a unique leadership model founded by American leadership expert and former US nuclear submarine commander David Marquet.


IBL evolved after Marquet transformed the US Navy’s worst performing submarine into the highest achieving operational vessel and went on to write the Forbes best-seller Turn the Ship Around! A True Story of turning Followers into Leaders.



The exclusive collaboration sees Re:markable rolling out Intent-Based Leadership across England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland. The programme will be of particular interest to large private and public sector organisations, challenging traditional leadership development assumptions and models and creating leaders at all levels.


IBL improves business performance by placing more decision-making and responsibility in the hands of customer facing employees, and providing practical tools to enable colleagues at all levels to think, behave and communicate like a leader. This ‘leader-leader’ model gives employees the authority and control for faster decision-making and better communication, ultimately improving customer experiences.


The roll out of IBL coincides with the annual CIPD conference in Manchester (8/9 November 2017) where David Marquet is speaking. Conference attendees can meet the team at Stand B75.


Peter Russian, chief executive of Re:markable and IBL delivery partner, said:


“Today’s world continues to change at a rapid pace. There are new challenges facing organisations every day as their customers and stakeholders have new demands. So we need to think about leadership in new ways too, to ensure we can respond and succeed in such a dynamic environment.


“Intent-Based Leadership marks a different way of thinking and a shift away from traditional models which divide people into leaders and followers. We are offering organisations a new approach which will impact on the way people operate across every level of the workforce – involving and empowering people and giving control and authority has been proven to lead to better customer experiences, increased loyalty and revenue.


“With recent research showing only 11% of people in the UK feel actively engaged with their job1, Intent-Based Leadership can drive the change needed to create leaders of the future.”


Re:markable’s team of IBL Pioneers will provide highly-effective practical tools to enhance workplace culture. This new delivery approach differs from traditional leadership models where single or small groups of senior managers are taken out of the business environment, given advice and then returned to the workplace, often failing to make the changes required.


Re:markable’s IBL programme focuses on giving employees, particularly customer-facing staff, the control needed to do their jobs well – ultimately improving the customer experience.


Speaking ahead of the CIPD conference in Manchester this week, David Marquet said:


“We have worked informally with Re:markable for a number of years and are confident that our partnership will deliver something valuable and new to organisations. Peter Russian and his entire team have truly embraced the IBL concept and believe passionately in its power to change workplace culture and create better leaders of the future.

“For me, a happy and healthy workplace is one in which all employees are engaged and can contribute to their full capacity. Intent-Based Leadership was founded on the experience and principles of giving control and driving decision making at all levels – creating leaders, not followers – to ultimately deliver success.”


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