Brits sleepwalking into health problems

Research finds 81% of adults do not get enough sleep each night


Brits should consider hitting the hay earlier and reaching for the snooze button, after research has shown the average adult only sleeps for 6:37 hours each night.



The findings show that adults need more time in bed, with a huge percentage regularly putting their health at risk by not getting the daily recommended eight hours of sleep.


In fact, only 19% of Brits are getting a good and healthy night’s sleep that hits the necessary eight hours, which on top of charging the batteries, can also assist with boosting immunity, slimming, blood pressure and mental wellbeing.


This is a problem that affects men more than women, with just under a quarter of women sleeping for eight hours or more per night, while 79% of UK men get less than the required amount.


Shockingly, 15% of the public get less than five hours in the sack each night, which can have major health implications including fatigue, increased chances of weight gain, blood pressure and diabetes.


The reasons why Brits are not getting enough sleep are widespread, ranging from having too much on their minds, rigorous exercise before bed, having a bedroom at the wrong temperature and using gadgets and being exposed to blue light before going to sleep.


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The research, by window blind retailer, Direct Blinds, also discovered that age has an effect on the amount of sleep people get, with millennials (18-24-year-olds) getting the best rest, while 25-34 year-olds suffer the shortest.


Direct Blinds’ research also analysed sleep time across several UK cities. Swansea is where Brits can get the most shuteye, with seven hours and five minutes each night. York was the worst UK city for sleep, with its residents likely to need a morning caffeine boost, after getting only six hours and fourteen minutes kip every night.


David Roebuck, Managing Director at Direct Blinds, said:


“It’s important not to underestimate the benefits of a good night’s sleep. Not only does it keep you rested and refreshed, it also can affect your weight, heart and chances of getting ill.


“It can be easy putting off going to sleep, there’s times after getting the kids to bed where you just want some peace, you may just want to watch that TV show you haven’t yet caught up on, finish the film that’s on, or even keep up to date with social media, but this shouldn’t mean sacrificing valuable sleeping time.”

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