Two-thirds of UK employees don’t feel appreciated at work

Two-thirds of UK workers (66 per cent) don’t feel appreciated at work and 57 per cent feel as though their organisation takes them for granted. This is according to latest research by The O.C. Tanner Institute, which conducted a large-scale study to examine the factors that influence organisational culture.


Robert Ordever, Executive Director of O.C. Tanner Europe said;


“It’s disheartening that so many organisations are failing to show how much they appreciate their staff”


“Effective staff appreciation is linked to higher levels of engagement, increased innovation and greater productivity. Therefore, ignoring the basic needs of employees to be recognised for a job well done can have damaging and long-lasting implications.”



The O.C. Tanner Institute’s comprehensive global study involved six sets of two focus groups across six countries and a quantitative survey involving 9,622 respondents across 12 countries. This survey included 1,102 UK respondents who had a range of jobs and were from a cross-section of industries and socio-economic backgrounds. All respondents were from companies that had more than 500 employees.


The research also reveals that more than 1 in 3 employees (35 per cent) feel as though they don’t receive enough acknowledgement from their team members and when employees do receive recognition at work, 41 per cent say it feels like an empty gesture which isn’t meaningful to them.


Ordever comments,


“Staff appreciation must be genuine and sincere for it to have an impact. People quickly see through shallow and ‘vanilla’ recognition exercises which often do more harm than good.


By investing time and effort into meaningful staff recognition, employees will feel respected and valued for the work they put in, providing them with powerful connections to their organisations.”


The O.C. Tanner white paper ‘The 6 Essential Aspects of Workplace Culture to Focus on Today’ which discusses the full research can be downloaded their website.

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