“That’s an Elf of an airport!” – Elves take to the sky for training!

Bluestone’s elves touchdown at Cardiff Airport to the surprise of staff and passengers…

Staff and passengers at Cardiff Airport were given an early Christmas surprise thanks to an unscheduled flight of elves.

It came as Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire sent its team of actors to the airport terminal as part of a genuine training exercise.



Bluestone’s Imagineere Liam Hewer said;


“Bluestone takes Christmas very seriously; anyone who has been to the resort’s Kingdom of the Elves will know how passionate we are about the festive season,” 


“That means paying attention to all the little details. Training our Elves to make children (and grown-ups) happy is a priority but that means understanding what people really want.”


“Because this year children visiting Bluestone’s Kingdom of the Elves will be ‘flying’ to ‘Elftopia’, we wanted our Elves to understand standard flight protocols, especially as all our little visitors will need their Elf Passports to board the fun.”


“It led to the idea of sending a bus load of our Elves to Cardiff Airport to try out their very own plane, and also getting to grips with airport etiquette.”


But whilst there, the mischievous gang couldn’t resist spreading some genuine ‘Elftopia’ cheer by surprising passengers, not only with their presence, but also with a specially selected gift on the luggage carousel.

Liam said the premise of the film is to show how Elves can make fun out of even the most difficult of situations, helping to bring cheer everywhere they go.

“This genuinely is a part of their Elf training for Bluestone,”


“We don’t want our Elves to be defined by a script, they have to really enjoy interacting with people and be able to adapt to the children and parents who visit Elftopia at Bluestone this Christmas.”



To find out more about Elftopia and Christmas at Bluestone visit www.bluestonewales.com/breaks-holidays/winter/christmas


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