Study Reveals Shift in HR Priorities Surround Employee Retention

Employee engagement has been named as a priority for 94% of HR professionals over the coming year, a study from HR technology specialist, Access Group, has revealed.

Seen as a key weapon in the fight for top talent, more companies are now recognising the importance of wellbeing in the workplace. Three-quarters of respondents said their company now had, or was planning to roll out, a wellbeing strategy this year – an increase of 32% from 2016.



Despite this, 70% admitted that their company had struggled with low wellbeing strategy adoption rates so far.

The study reveals a shift in priorities for HR professionals when it comes to attracting and retaining the best talent as they work towards becoming Destination Employers – a term used to describe a company that is the most sought after in its field by top talent.


Tony Gale, HR solutions expert at Access Group explains:


“The dynamic shifts in the economic, social and technological landscape have brought about great change in the workplace. As a result, it has never been more important for HR professionals to respond to the needs and expectations of this new, multi-generational, digitally savvy workforce.


“With this shift comes an exciting opportunity for the HR profession to reinvent itself as a leader of change. HR experts can now be the driving force for digital transformation, efficiency and growth. They are in a prime position to steer their company towards attaining the highly sought after title of Destination Employer, ensuring the very best talent is not only attracted to, but also kept within the organisation.”


Taking a cross section of UK HR professionals across a range of industries and company sizes, the annual survey from Access Group aims to build a comprehensive picture of the biggest challenges and trends currently affecting the HR profession.

The survey forms part of a wider campaign conducted by the HR technology specialist, which has just published Your Guide to Becoming a Destination Employer aimed at helping HR professionals navigate the often-confusing road to attaining Destination Employer status and top talent retention.

You can download a copy of Your Guide to Becoming a Destination Employer via the Access Group website.


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