How to find the courage to branch out and leave the job you have begun to hate

Research from Auto Europe has revealed that 57% of us feel down when returning to work after a trip away. Are you one of these individuals? If you are, don’t be scared that you are on your own. You spend more time in the workplace than you do out, so why would you spend the time you aren’t in the office regretting going back?




A recent survey was carried out by Aon Hewitt to find out how peoples jobs make them feel as a person. The most used comparison by the 500,000 workers was: being a prisoner; not being able to leave a job you hate. People can be scared to leave for a number of reasons, these include:


Self Confidence

Self-confidence is lost when you allow yourself to settle into a job that is too easy, the job becomes repetitive and it’s no longer a challenge. The excitement of being in a new workplace with different people can fizzle out, you begin to realise the reason for waking up in the morning is to go to a job that you hate. If you have no motivation for work and begin to feel negative, this will not only affect your work, it will naturally affect your personal life. Ask yourself why you are compromising yourself as a person, when all it could take is a change in your career.



Recent studies have shown that the longer people are working in their job, the longer they will continue to work there, even if they hate it. This is because they feel like they have to be loyal to the company or the people that work there. Learning to put yourself first can be tough when you are a loyal person. Just make sure to keep things professional and make sure that you give good and fair reasons as to why you’re moving on with the right amount of notice.



Falling into a routine can be one of the main reasons as to why people don’t get out of a job they hate. The monthly income and working lifestyle can be hard to break out of. All jobs have different working patterns, which means you have different routines. It is ok to break the routine that you’re in if you know you will be starting a new one soon. You spend more time in the office than at home, make sure your work is your happy place, always aim for more.


Lack of Job Opportunity

Job opportunity is a huge reason as to why people are staying put. Yesterday stats showed that unemployment had dropped by 52,000 and is currently at an all time low. So with that in mind it’s a common thought process that people think they won’t be able to find another job so there’s no point trying. There were 774,000 job vacancies available in the UK for just one month during July 2017, which is said to increase.

Being in a job you hate can have a number of health consequences, whether you begin to gain weight, loose sleep, get ill, have anxiety or depression. Staying put isn’t always the right answer.



If you hate your job and a feel like a prisoner but know that you need to take the leap of faith and move away from your comfort zone, head to for more information, or email


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