Bupa helps employees to ‘stub it out’ in Stoptober

For businesses that want to help their employees to quit smoking, Bupa experts recommend employing the techniques below:



Positive enforcement:

If someone stops smoking for 28 days, they’re more likely to quit for good and within just a few days, they should find it easier to breathe and find they have more energy.


Our ‘Cost of Smoking’ calculator shows how much money people can save if they give up for a week, a month, a year and beyond.


Identify potential triggers in the workplace

Giving up smoking involves changing lifestyle habits, especially if someone has had an addiction for years.

People often have a cigarette at a particular time of the day, after completing a specific task, or accompanying a coffee or tea. Encourage people to identify their triggers and look at ways that they could mitigate them.


Break up the month

The idea of giving something up forever can be daunting. Identify short-term goals and check in on how these milestones are helping to keep people on track.


Create a support system

Encourage people to share their progress and challenges with another employee. Whether their buddy smokes or not, it gives them someone to turn to when they’re having a tough day or think they may give in to temptation.


Be supportive

Let them know that it’s ok if they break the habit. Many former smokers admit to having the odd cigarette when they first give up, but they move on and have successfully quit. Focus on their achievements and use this as a motivator to keep going.


James Willis, Bupa’s Head of Clinical Sales, Health Services comments:


“This year marks 10 years since smoking was banned in closed spaces and workplaces and the number of people who smoke has fallen by 1.9 million over this time.

Giving up smoking reduces someone’s risk of life-threatening conditions such as cancer, heart disease and stroke. We are committed to supporting businesses to protect their employees’ health and creating a healthier and happier workplace.

In the last year we’ve seen a third to people kick the habit through our health assessments.

Our follow up coaching calls provide people with the tools to make lifestyle changes that will improve their health, such as quitting smoking. More can be done as smoking remains one of the leading causes of preventable death and illness in the UK.”


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