Shakira’s Blog: “Just Call me Mystic Meg”

I think if you drew up a wish list for HR folks, a crystal ball would claim the top spot. And yes, some might use it to get the winning lotto numbers – and then it would be goodbye HR, hello Barbados – but those of us… ahem …committed folk would use it as an opportunity to see what changes are coming down the road in order to prepare accordingly.

​A lot of Employers forget HR is about being proactive rather than reactive …. we don’t actually enjoy having to scramble in response to changes in laws or company growth. It is far better to be prepared for change: to have a strategy in place that ensures everyone feels confident that no matter what is thrown at them, they are prepared and have a plan.

Now, most HR Managers already know about, and have plans in place, for massive HR changes in April – but back to the crystal ball.

We also know that issues like globalisation, digital disruption and the constant amending of regulations present huge challenges to HR. Uncertainty about what is going to happen next looms like a huge dark cloud over every HR concern. And trying to hustle together a learning ​and development​ strategy before the cloud bursts?

Well, it’s exhausting and frustrating – but if you knew the forecast and could foretell the tempestuous weather that lay ahead, then you could easily plan and pack accordingly.  The crystal ball comes in pretty handy then.

Where the HR crystal ball struggles is when we don’t get any forecasts or warnings about important changes taking place within the business we are working in, leaving us to work completely in the dark.  Usually that means being called later to sort out preventable mistakes.

​Sound familiar????

​HR works best when aligned to the business plan and strategy, and if allowed, to play a pivotal role in supporting and promoting growth and high performance – we aren’t just here to ‘sort it out’ when things go wrong.

Being an independent HR consultant often means having businesses seek out ‘Shakira’s Crystal Ball’ in a crisis – and it’s a service I’m happy to provide.   However, like most HR Managers, my crystal ball works even better when it’s used regularly, as part of the business plan, rather than just called upon in a time of crisis!


About the author:

Shakira Joyner is Managing Director of Swansea-based independent HR practice, hchr Limited and has won multiple awards in the South Wales region for her HR and business accomplishments. She can be contacted on 01792 234761 or email



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