Ferrari: Race to Immortality review – doesn’t get under the hood of Formula One

Following two good documentaries about McLaren and Williams, Daryl Goodrich’s film rather limps in, with almost no examination of Enzo Ferrari – man, car or logo

This very authorised-seeming Formula One documentary pulls up third behind recent films on the McLaren and Williams empires, which may explain why it often seems in such a rush. Of car company founder Enzo Ferrari himself, for one, there is next to naught: nothing on where he came from or how he got into the sport, just gnomic audioclips, choice onscreen quotes and biographical titbits that outline some vague philosophy about testing oneself against unknown forces.

The focus is almost exclusively on his star employees – those corner-cutting gadabouts of the company’s late 50s golden age – allowing director Daryl Goodrich to unspool reels of gleaming Kodachrome images of drivers in their trackside pomp. Where August’s probing Williams did so much to separate the fragile man from the fast machine, Goodrich’s more misty-eyed, nostalgic endeavour never really gets under its subject’s hood.

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