John Redwood mocked for telling people to buy non-existent British cars

MP’s tweet suggests many models are available, but UK-owned and manufactured cars are all in the luxury market

The Conservative MP John Redwood has provoked derision on social media with a call to buy cars manufactured in Britain. He tweeted:

You do not have to buy German or French cars. There is a good choice of models, prices & specifications available from UK car factories.

@johnredwood Mr Redwood – list the great cars that don’t connect back to the EU? Thanks.



@johnredwood Yeah, buy British

@johnredwood @robbingham I’m really warming to this whole Brexit thing, Terry. This could be so good for us.

@johnredwood John I am after a small family car for about £18000 and want to buy a British Co owned car….but we can’t all get in the Morgan any ideas?

@johnredwood UK car factories. Like Nissan’s?

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