Can The UK Infrastructure Handle Remote Working?

As Europe appears to be bracing for the potential second outbreak of the coronavirus, warnings have been issued in the UK that there’s a very real possibility some changes could be on their way again – for many we’ve already transitioned to a remote working environment, even if only temporarily, but this change could see more of us making the adjustment too and could lead to more employers considering a more permanent change if they hadn’t already, but there are now questions starting to emerge on whether or not the current network infrastructure in the UK can handle the change.

There have been some issues here recently, particularly with internet provider Virgin Media – throughout June there had been long stints of time where there were big service outages in London in particular and heading into July the same had remained true with outages across the UK, much of the issue had been found early in the morning when many users were getting on to start their day and found that they were unable to connect. Virgin Media hasn’t been the only provider to experience troubles either as recently BT, TalkTalk, and Plusnet had come under fire as similar outages have started to appear more commonly on these networks too.

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There may be a solution on the way for many as 5G starts to roll out across the country and may provide many with an alternative connection at home at a much faster speed, but given the rollout may be a bit slower for those not based in a city center this may not be an immediate solution. In order to ensure that a reliable switch can be made to a more permanent remote working base, there needs to be a solution for the ongoing infrastructure issues for networking within the UK as this isn’t the first time where major outages have been a common occurrence and may become a big reason for many to return to the office before long as it becomes difficult to rely on home internet where it’s absolutely needed.

With the possibility of another lockdown however that does mean that there may be many with a bit of free time once again – fortunately sporting events are back on TV as many are back after a long four plus month hiatus and despite recent changes in regulation for certain online gaming there has been a continued surge in new players too as these non gamstop bingo sites for example have become increasingly popular – at least this time around there will be plenty to do in the event of a second lockdown.

There’s still a long way to go until we’re coming out the other side of this pandemic and still a lot of questions that need to be figured out, if the current issues continue then the shift to a permanent remote environment may not be at all possible, and much of what has been prepared may have to change back as regular work schedules begin again.

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