We must rule out a hard exit. Business is at breaking point

Uncertainty over Britain’s terms for leaving the EU is harshly affecting firms

The clock is ticking. In the House of Commons, MPs spend hours debating points of parliamentary procedure, but are unwilling to take real decisions about our country’s future. Negotiations between the prime minister and EU leaders seem to have reached an impasse. But in the real world, businesses are at breaking point.

I know from my own business career that – above all – what business needs is certainty. Certainty about the terms on which they will be able to sell products and services to our largest export market. Certainty about their ability to import the parts and raw materials they need without costly tariffs and delays. And above all, the certainty that they need to invest in the UK, to create the high-quality, high-skilled jobs we need to meet the economic challenges of the future.

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