Carlos Ghosn’s arrest may spark a French-Japanese bunfight | Nils Pratley

Nissan’s Hiroto Saikawa publicly trashed his ex-chairman’s legacy and the extent of his power

They do corporate scandals differently in Japan. The downfall of Carlos Ghosn over alleged under-statement of income and “numerous” acts of misconduct was spectacular in its own right, but the accompanying press conference by Nissan chief executive Hiroto Saikawa was an event in itself.

Saikawa did not merely report the allegations against his chairman, which is what you might expect on day one in equivalent circumstances at a European and US company. He also trashed Ghosn’s legacy, criticised his decision-making and speculated as to how the alleged misdeeds could have happened. That content would normally be reserved for the full corporate post-mortem, or at least until the legal process had run its course.

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