Carillion crisis: Most private customers agree to keep paying staff – live updates

Official Receiver says vast majority of companies who used Carillion’s services want to keep paying ‘in the interim’

Theresa May’s spokesman has confirmed that 90% of Carillion’s private sector clients want to keep employing its service.

That means that most staff will keep being paid (at least in the short term while the Official Receiver deals with the situation).

Some good news : PM spokesman says over 90 % of private sector companies using #Carillion say want to continue paying for services

Update/good news: Receiver has contacted all private companies that had hired Carillion. So far more than 90% indicated they wanted Carillion to continue providing those services – which means staff/sub-contractors will still be paid by the customers.

If Government is covering Carillion for public services (& private services on the basis that 90% of clients want to continue) then surely it would make sense to also do this for public & private construction… #Carillion #ukconstruction #construction

Newsflash: Many of the Carillion staff employed on private sector contracts will continue to be paid while the company’s liquidation is carried out.

The Insolvency Service has announced that most (but not all) of the companies who employed Carillion have decided that they want those services to continue, and pledged to keep paying for them.

The Official Receiver is very pleased with the level of support shown by Carillion’s private sector service customers. Over the past 48 hours all of the company’s private sector service customers have been contacted to determine their ongoing needs.

Over 90% of these customers have indicated that they want Carillion to continue providing services in the interim until new suppliers can be found and will provide funding which enables the Official Receiver to retain the employees working on those contracts.

#Breaking More than 90% of Carillion’s private-sector service customers have indicated that they will provide funding to allow workers to continue to be paid, the Insolvency Service says

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