Electric bus sets new world record for single charge

In a week when we asked our readers if large electric vehicles were practical, an electric bus has set a new world record for EVs, racking up 1,101.2 miles on a single charge.

The 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 Max has 660 kWh of energy storage, which delivers a standard range of between 194 and 350 miles. However, at the Navistar Proving Grounds in Indiana, the heavy-duty bus was able to optimise its efficiency, significantly extending its nominal range. The record eclipses the 1,013.76 miles set six years ago by the Schluckspecht E, an aerodynamic EV only a fraction of the weight of Proterra’s bus.

“We believe the business case for heavy-duty electric buses is superior to all other applications, and that the transit market will be the first to transition completely to battery-electric powered vehicles,” said Ryan Popple, Proterra CEO.

“As we see incumbents and more companies enter the heavy-duty EV market, it has become very apparent that the future is all-electric, and the sun is setting on combustion engine technology.”

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