Updated guidelines are prime example of industry collaboration

A suite of updated guidelines published today, which ultimately aim to ensure the safety of offshore wells, underline industry’s commitment to continuously improve, Oil and Gas UK said today.

The trade body’s award winning guidelines are written by industry, for industry, and provide a true reflection and balanced perspective on industry good practice.

The guidelines were devised by the organisation’s Wells Forum, one of Oil & Gas UK’s formal bodies through which members’ representatives can share good practice, review wells-related industry issues, and interact with other industry stakeholders.

Oil & Gas UK’s Operations Optimisation Manager Katy Heidenreich said:

“Oil & Gas UK is grateful to the Wells Forum for their continued engagement and expertise. The guidelines are a prime example of the industry collaboration that our basin is becoming widely acknowledged for.”

Of the three guidelines published today, two are competency guidelines, with one aimed at assessing, managing and developing competency of wells personnel and teams and the other aimed at ensuring the competence of Well Examiners.

Guidelines for Well Operators on Competency of Well Examiners and Guidelines on Competency for Wells Personnel were updated as part of a scheduled review process. This review process aims to ensure that guidelines remain current and fit for purpose, and anticipate the challenges foreseen by the industry.

Guidelines for Well Operators on Well Examination has also been updated to reflect changes to safety regulations.

Katy Heidenreich added:

“The competency guidelines were introduced to address the core competencies for the key roles required to support safe and effective well operations. These are particularly important at a time when the UKCS is experiencing flux in the profile of its workforce.

“It is an important reflection of industry’s ongoing commitment to safety and best practice.”


Notes to Editors

Issued by the Communications Team, Oil & Gas UK. Contact Natalie Coupar on 01224 577343 / ncoupar@oilandgasuk.co.uk

Oil & Gas UK is the leading representative organisation for the UK offshore oil and gas industry. Its membership comprises oil and gas producers and contractor companies.

  1. The guidelines today comprise: Guidelines for Well Operators on Competency of Well Examiners (Issue 2), Guidelines on Competency for Wells Personnel (Issue 2), and Guidelines for Well Operators on Well Examination (Issue 2)
  2. Oil and Gas UK was awarded by a national engineering institute for its contribution to improving the safety and efficiency of UK offshore operations by publishing more than thirty peer-reviewed guidelines for the industry.
  3. Oil & Gas UK’s Wells Forum comprises representatives from over 45 well-operators and provides an interface with other industry stakeholders such as the drilling contractor and well services contractor communities.
  4. The Wells Forum is responsible for reviewing the following documents on a regular basis.
  • Blowout Preventer Issues
  •  Competency, Behaviours, Human and Organisational Factors
  • Well Integrity
  • Well Suspension and Abandonment
  • Well Capping
  • Relief Well Planning Requirements
  • Verification
  • Well Examination
  • High Pressure High Temperature
  • Process Safety Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

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