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We said we would no longer be members of the single market because we will no longer be members of the European Union and there are the four pillars, as the European Union consistently says.

The four pillars are indivisible, and therefore the other issues that we wish also not to be subject to like the European court of justice and free movement requirements mean that we will no longer be members of the single market.

Government’s legal bill for its lost Article 50 Supreme Court case appears to have popped up on DEXEU website -£1.2 million on 5/6 Feb 2017:

.. so the lost Article 50 case Dexeu costs from having to pay “other parties” costs ie the winners, Miller, McCord etc is £493k

The SNP has said the government’s decision to announce the proposed increase in the state pension age today amounts to “Tory trickery at its very worst”. Kirsty Blackman, its economy spokesperson, said:

It’s clear why the UK government held back until after the election and did not publish this on the legal date it was supposed to on the 7th of May, as this would have undoubtedly lost the Tory party even more seats than they did. What we have witnessed today is an example of Tory trickery at its very worst.

The SNP has long called for the establishment of an independent Savings and Pensions Commission to responsibly consider pensions policies to ensure they are fit for purpose and take into account demographic needs.

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