New £16.5million pier naming at Lerwick Harbour

The biggest expansion yet to Lerwick Harbour has been officially opened.

The £16.5 million quay was named Mair’s Pier by Shetland MSP Tavish Scott at the unveiling.

It is the largest single capital investment in the 140-year history of Lerwick Harbour Trust and its successor since 1999, Lerwick Port Authority.

It will be used by the fishing, offshore and cruise industries.

Mr Scott said: “Lerwick Port Authority has, through the decades, invested in Shetland’s future. New quays, facilities and deeper, sheltered water reflect the needs of larger vessels, the ever-changing oil and gas industry and the importance of seafood to Shetland and the wider Scottish and UK economy.

“Mair’s Pier is testament to the Lerwick Port Authority board and the team who make the Authority the successful, growing business it is. It is a strategic investment in Lerwick, and so much more. The Authority recognises the maritime world never stands still and ports must adapt and invest in their facilities to compete.

“Shetland is geographically fortunate – in the right place at the right time when North Sea oil was discovered and the industry is being served by the new pier.

“Mair’s Pier is the latest major investment by a highly professional and go-ahead port. It will not be the last, and that approach to Shetland’s future is why Lerwick will remain a top UK port.”

Authority Chief Executive, Sandra Laurenson, said “Mair’s Pier is a significant addition to our infrastructure and has been well received across several sectors where it will help sustain and grow activity.

The project involved land reclamation, construction of an 804-metre deep-water L-shaped quay, and demolition of a smaller jetty and included creating a working area over 1.5 hectares for the fishing fleet and oil vessels.

The outer arm creates a dock which will shelter the new market, with construction planned to start this year.

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