The Engineer Conference — editor’s top picks

The Engineer conference is a great opportunity to find out about the disruptive technologies, exciting projects and inspiring companies at the heart of the UK’s engineering landscape and this year’s event is no exception.

We’ve got such a fascinating programme over the course of the three days that it seems unfair to highlight any particular sessions – but here are a few that I’m particularly looking forward to.

6 June 10.45am – Designed and built in the UK by a company established just a few years ago, the BAC Mono is one of the fastest road-legal cars ever to go round the Top Gear track. A not-to-be-missed session for anyone passionate about fast cars and plucky UK manufacturers.

6 June 2.00pm – Later in the day we’ll be hearing from a company more readily associated with toilet rolls and tomatoes than engineering innovation: online grocer Ocado. The UK firm’s director of engineering R&D Sid Shaikh will be joining us to explain how the company is at the forefront of robotics and automation development.

7 June 10am  Day two opens with a presentation on one of the manufacturing sector’s hottest topics: augmented and virtual reality. And we’ll be hearing from one of the most prominent pioneers in this sector: IT giant Microsoft.

7 June 2pm  To audiophiles Roy Gandy, founder of British turntable manufacturer REGA Research, is something of a legend. And his story of how to build the perfect “precision measuring device” – or record player – is a must for anyone with an interest in recorded music’s original format.

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