This week’s poll: will the Space Universities Network be worthwhile?

Is the establishment of a network to support space science and engineering in the UK likely to improve the nation’s position?

At the UK Space Conference, opening today in Manchester, the launch of a Space Universities Network (SUN) was announced. Aimed to provide resources and organise events to help with teaching space science and engineering in British universities, SUN is launching with an event at the conference aiming to answer the question of what the space industry wants from graduates, and has 20 member institutions all keen to help the UK compete in the market, which is forecast to be worth £400m worldwide by 2030.

Is this network likely to help the UK improve its position? Will it help make Britain a leader in space? Will it primarily help to attract young people into STEM subjects? Are other nations already too far ahead of the UK for SUN to make a difference?

Contribute to the debate in our comments section. We will publish the results of this poll here on 6th June.

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