Ravensbourne students reimagine Fiesta interiors

Students from London’s Ravensbourne design college have presented their futuristic concepts for interiors inspired by the new Ford Fiesta.

The students were tasked with imagining how a future autonomous Fiesta might look, as traditional dashboard and interior requirements become obsolete. Three winning concepts were selected by Ford, exhibiting a range of futuristic features such as free-rolling seats that can transport passengers outside the car, curved bamboo structural supports, and pineapple leather.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for students to gain experience about what it’s like to work for one of Britain’s biggest and foremost car brands,” said Idrees Rasouli, course leader for Ravensbourne’s Interior Design Environment Architectures.

“Opportunities like this ensure our students learn the skills needed to thrive in industry, and the chance to transfer their architectural and interior design skills into vehicle design, thus making them highly employable.”

The three winning teams – Dies Nox, Iris and Nomad – will have their concepts showcased at the Ford design centre in Cologne. A final winner will then be selected and invited out to the design centre for a behind the scenes tour of the workshop and a masterclass with Ford designers.

“I was thrilled by the quality of work presented by the students,” said Jens Sieber, Ford chief interior designer. “Fiesta is very important to Ford and a huge amount of time is spent ensuring that the interiors reflect what our customers desire. The students have helped show workable interiors of the future.”

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