29th International AVL Conference ‘Engine & Environment’

29th International AVL Conference ‘Engine & Environment’

Competition of Powertrain Systems to minimise CO₂ and Emissions 2020/2025
1-2 June 2017
Helmut-List-Halle, Graz, Austria

The development of powertrains is currently in a phase of enormous change, the competition of powertrain systems is intensifying meaning the focus of development must be shifted to now.

Join us at the 29th International AVL Engine and Environment where AVL will host key industry speakers to address these challenges, including competitive approaches on a system level and the technical solutions for such concepts:

  • Electric motor versus combustion engine
  • BEV versus PHEV
  • PHEV versus range extender
  • Add-on versus dedicated hybrid transmissions
  • Fuel cell versus battery
  • Fuel cell versus hydrogen engine
  • Diesel engine versus ALL
  • Fossil versus regenerative fuels
  • Hydrogen versus Synfuel
  • Gaseous versus liquid
  • Power–to-X versus Biomass–to-X
  • Low versus high-voltage systems

Throughout the two day event AVL will also be holding unique side events, including the opening of two new centres; the AVL-TU Graz Transmission Centre, and AVL ADAS/AD & Vehicle Development Centre, as well as exciting test drives with AVL vehicles on the AVL test track.

Take the opportunity to join the discussion and meeting experts from the industry and register now.

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