Uber’s ‘hustle-oriented’ culture becomes a black mark on employees’ résumés

The brazen attitude that helped Uber soar is backfiring, and now employees looking for their next jobs are having to defend themselves to recruiters

David was attending “Uberversity”, the ride-hail company’s three-day orientation for new employees, when he was introduced to “the Uber way”.

The trainers gave David, who asked not to be identified by his real name, and his cohort a scenario: Uber has learned that a rival company is launching an equivalent to UberPool (the company’s carpooling service) in four weeks. It’s impossible for Uber to beat them to market with a functional and reliable carpool service. Then the group was asked: what should the company do?

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The employee described the workplace as a ‘Hobbesian jungle’ where ‘you can never get ahead unless someone else dies’

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