Last week’s poll: Electric cars and the UK grid

Last week, we asked our readers about the impact that increasing numbers of EVs will have on the UK grid. According to industry body SMMT, registrations of electric cars have risen dramatically over the past two years, from around 500 per month in 2014 to an average of 3000 per month by the end of last year. EVs are currently thought to represent around 1.5 per cent of the total new car market in the UK, a figure that’s expected to rise in the years ahead. Indeed, the National Grid predicts that up to 9.7 million EVs could be on UK roads by 2040.

The most popular response (38%) in our poll was that the automotive and energy sectors needed to work more closely to address the issue. Almost a third of readers (32%) felt optimistic about the challenge of EVs, believing that the technology will encourage advances in low-carbon power generation. However, nearly a quarter (23%) of respondents were more sceptical, and think the expected flood of EVs will push the ageing UK grid to breaking point.

We’ve already had some lively debate below the line, and the comments section will remain open for the discussion to continue. Let us know what you think of EVs, their pros and cons, and how you think they will impact the overall energy system in years to come.

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